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Jennifer Light is a leading fashion designer, maquiller, model, and stylist hailing from the Pacific Northwest.

A little story.

Fashion and beauty has been instilled in Jennifer since she was young, and knowing she will have a difficult life her parents made sure she was well educated. While attending secondary school, Jennifer struggled academically with a then learning disability. A lonely teenager. Her early creative endeavours was a star student of fine arts would later graduate as a valedictorian. There she would explore the use of many art mediums, not limiting to photography. At 18, she won a local design competition and sold her first garment design across Western Canada. Heavy inspired by her mother who was obsessed with classy outfits and she would dress her in the trendiest stylish clothing and do her hair growing up. Another person who would also inspire her, is her mother sister, her aunt who loved colourful prints in all directions. A once professional esthetician. She would then go on to study fashion and eventually children face painting would lead to her to makeup artistry a place where it builded her confidence. A twist of fate, Jennifer never thought to be makeup artist, but found it connecting to her career in fashion. Passionated in the field of arts and graphics, her early diverse experiences working abroad in fashion: Redress, F&B: 1957 & Co., and makeup training locally making her understand the outlook to life the ugly and beautiful. Jennifer visually, creative, imaginative, and detail mind will continue to flourish in her work despite her unfair disadvantage born prematurity at birth, incapability to hear well (hard of hearing) and striking mind. Jennifer is naturally innate skilled in colour, shape, and modelling. She is also self taught gifted baker.

Jennifer has a loveable sparkling wit personality.

Marked with a curious mysterious dark aurora.

Currently, Jennifer works for small dressmaker shop, based in Vancouver where she works in all m├ętiers of fashion design and she also freelance as a makeup artist, model, and does creative direction.

The largest square has no corners, The greatest vessel takes the longest to finish, Great music has the faintest notes, The Great From is without shape.
 - LZ